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Behavioral Protocols for Increasing Focus

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Behavioral Protocols for Increasing Focus

A state of focus arises from multiple systems in the brain but there are some basic neurochemicals that underlie focus. Here are some ways to increase their levels (according to peer reviewed research):

  1. Deliberate cold exposure: is known to dramatically increase dopamine and norepinephrine levels for 1-3 hours. See: The Science & Use of Cold Exposure for Health & Performance - Huberman Lab

  2. [[Alpha-GPC]] (300mg) known to increase [[Acetylcholine]] for 1-2hrs.

Note, that alpha-GPC may also increase [[TMAO]] levels which is not good; this can be offset by taking a 600mg garlic capsule.

  1. Caffeine: 100-300mg is known to increase Dopamine receptor numbers and sensitivity— which increases the effectiveness of dopamine. People with [[Anxiety]] etc should be cautious with caffeine use.

Non-pharmacological approaches:

  1. Daily 13 minute meditation

  2. Focus hypnosis with [[Reveri App]] . See: R E V E R I - The World's Most Trusted Self-Hypnosis App

…have both been shown to increase focus capacity in a sustained way (not just immediately after the meditation or hypnosis).


Focus Toolkit: Tools to Improve Your Focus & Concentration | Huberman Lab Podcast #88 - YouTube