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I Don’t Like the Recent Days’ Internet

Is it just me, or is there something seriously amiss with the internet?
I Don’t Like the Recent Days’ Internet
Photo by William Krause / Unsplash

How wrong I was when I thought that the bottom of Instagram was users' daily food allowance showcase. Then it turned into a social lie platform about real life.

I thought it couldn't be worse and was wrong again. It turned into a selling point for second-grade coaches in uninvented areas. That made me run out of patience and I stopped using it.

On Twitter, I got into a weird social bubble. I gave in trying to mute topics and my Twitter feed is a shitstorm of all kinds. It's so bad that I made a second account just to be able to get caught on a dopamine hook of those "You are doing it wrong" AI prompt experts.

My YouTube feed started to remind me of home shopping TV channels from my childhood.

Outside of social networks, it's not even getting better. It's probably worse because social networks don't show that amount of ADs. Half of all websites is a keyword keyword-optimized garbage that is easy to recognize by trying to research any consumer product: backpack, laptop, or whatever.

Is there something wrong with the internet or is it just me?