Writer's challenges
The problem is in the high watermark I've set for articles.

It works like a blocker in my mind that doesn't allow me to post some lightweight posts and some personal notes, links, and funny dumb things.

It's like... I write some short note... look at it and I just don't post it because it doesn't look like a PRETTY article.

As the result the blog becomes cold and I cannot warm it up by making more personal.

Check at Live-Journal

I've added "Live-Journal" section where I can freely share anything without mixing it with the main feed of "pretty" posts and articles.

Mainly I consider this section to be a kind of my personal newsfeed or an on-going story... where timestamp is supposed to be meaningful for each publication.

It's usually called blog, isn't it?

*UPD. Reversed these changes. Moved back all posts under a single timeline just to keep things simple.

Yep, I'm unstable=)* A/B tests, you know

Premium Membership

I've added paid premium membership to the blog due to several reasons.

One dollar bill by the wall
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It takes a lot of effort to write a pretty nice article. On average it takes about 1-3 days full time for a post like "Card Game Internals". "Banging personal finance" took twice as more.  

Without any tangible feedback it feels like warming a sea with an electric tea urn.


The number of views is a nice thing to get in rewards but not very rewarding frankly speaking.

Though basic membership tier price is tiny as grain of sand, it's a true feedback I can rely on.


I believe that if one values his content he must mark it as valuable, for example by putting a price label on it.


There are things that I consider valuable and I'm not ready to share them fully publicly.

I can discuss it with you if you are my mate, or with auditory that's really interested in, but not just share with the whole internet.

Premium Membership downsides

Ghost blog limitations

Ghost blog engine that I'm using has limitations related to handling subscriptions.

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It works very cool with Stripe, allowing to maintain free members list with ability to deliver email updates and paid members list independently.

Unfortunately, Stripe doesn't work in the country of my residence, that's why I have to use Patreon and integrate it with my blog.

The main disadvantage that I'm able to handle only one list of subscribers - paid members, so I have to deprecate my old good free subscribers list (guys, I love you, but I have to).

Good news is that now every of you can become a paid member and get a full access to upcoming private publications! Right here.

Premium Membership perks

As I've promised, premium membership allows access to exclusive private content.

Photo by Michael Heuser / Unsplash

I'm making Portfolius - that's a raw name of an iOS app, my own project that I'm working on right now.

It is on a very early stage - almost at the very beginning and I'm going to share the whole process of making it.

Starting with thinking over the idea and basic wireframes design and finishing with publication to the app store. (yeah, I really hope I'll finish it 😀)

Including instruments, technology stack and even some implementation details. UI/UX Design, backend and iOS App implementation. That reality show is gonna be interesting.