My initial plan to ride on a motorbike right into my 30 years old has failed. I don't have neither a bike nor even a moto driving license. I can't even drive it. So my Mom can be completely calm.

It's typical to approach dates with sadness and a sense of wasted time. Especially the 30th anniversary. Definitely not for me. I think I've already passed all kinds of mid-life crises in my early 20s, and now I feel better than ever before.

How does 30 compare

Physically it feels pretty much the same, except my beard grows faster than 10 years ago. I've got the exact same number of teeth and hair. My weight hasn't changed by even a kilo from what I had in my 20. Unexpectedly, I weight 2 kilos less.

Mentally, 30 feels absolutely gorgeous.

When I was 20, I remember how I was drowning in uncertainty. 25 was somewhat a pivot point when I finally found the proper direction and started doing the right things step by step. 30 is when the right decisions have already started to pay off.

30 has brought me an outstanding feature of an extreme level of confidence, coming from a better understanding of the outer world than ever before.

10 years ago, the world around was more like a source of questions with no answers, and now it has so little chance to surprise. Such an old tiresome man vibe!

The time range from 20 to 30 was a transformation from a grown-up kid to a person who takes responsibility and makes decisions not only for myself but also for the whole family.

30 is the same level of overall fun along with wisdom, rationality, and mindfulness that let me avoid doing outright bullshit and take ruining risks.

30 years recap

30 is a good timestamp for a retrospective view of the prior progress.

When I look back and try to evaluate the way, I imagine how I tap myself on the shoulder and say: "Good job, Sergo, keep going."