Hey! I'm Serge Kazakov

I'm a software engineer, freelancer, digital nomad, blogger, investment enthusiast, and even a rollerblader.

What is Kazai Storyboard

Here at Kazai Storyboard, I'm sharing my experience, thoughts, and ideas mainly related to my work and lifestyle, tightly integrated with tech.

Haven't decided on a niche topic, that's why I post everything I find net positive for whoever reads it. Sometimes it's a coding tutorial, sometimes an attempt to answer the question: "How to live this life?".

What I'm doing

I work remotely as an iOS developer mainly on a freelance basis. I also contribute to open source just a little bit.

‌Where I am

I currently live in Lisbon, Portugal. Just in the middle of re-establishing my new home base here. I’m originally from Rostov-on-Don, Russia and it didn't take much time for me to decide to relocate.

How I got here

  • Background in applied math and CS.
  • 8 years in algorithmic trading and quantitative finance research and development including HFT
  • 1 year in data analysis and ML for a logistic startup
  • 10 years in iOS development overall
  • 6 years of freelance
  • 21 years of rollerblading
  • Visited 20 countries (a lot of room for improvement)

WTF, Serge, are you 100 years old?

No. Actually, I'm keeping track of the time I spent on this planet

Get in Touch

I’m always happy to meet interesting people for coffee or an evening walk. Just reach out to me somewhere!

I've got twitter(ru) and facebook, another twitter(en) and github.

I use @kazai_mazai nickname almost everywhere, so if you come across @kazai_mazai there is a high chance that it's me.