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I've Spent 32 Years on This Planet

It's not even funny
I've Spent 32 Years on This Planet
Photo by Jason Leung / Unsplash

Today I'm 32.

This day 1 year ago I was on the flight to Portugal. Totally overwhelmed by uncertainty and events around me.

This day 1 year ago I was blown up and it's absolutely clear why.

I happened to be committed to the principles of extreme ownership and everything spiraled quickly out of control.

I'm strongly into slow growth, and got a tremendous dopamine spike because of a big shift of every area in my life.

All year long I was distracted from doing things that I like most: moving forward, exploring by doing and creating things I'm interested in, refining routine and opting lifestyle for wellbeing.

Instead, what's I've been doing for the whole year was troubleshooting.

I've been feeling firmly stuck and only now, with the beginning of spring I'm starting to feel that I'm getting prepared for a proper blossom.

Almost reached the destination of a reassembled life.

Almost done with putting myself together.