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Apollo GraphQL: Using JSON Object as a Scalar Type

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Sometimes, we have to deal with APIs that we don't have control over, and sometimes, they don't respect what GraphQL stands for type safety.

For example, an API returns a raw JSON object as a scalar type. By default, Apollo will likely attempt to parse as a String, which will fail.

Luckily Apollo allows us to work around it using a custom scalar type.

Custom JSON Object Scalar Type

Having a JSONObject scalar type in an API query definition we create a typealias for it:

public typealias JSONObject = CustomJSON

Then we implement CustomJSON scalar type:

public enum CustomJSON: CustomScalarType, Hashable {
    case dictionary([String: AnyHashable])
    case array([AnyHashable])
    public init(_jsonValue value: JSONValue) throws {
        if let dict = value as? [String: AnyHashable] {
            self = .dictionary(dict)
        } else if let array = value as? [AnyHashable] {
            self = .array(array)
        } else {
            throw JSONDecodingError.couldNotConvert(value: value, to: CustomJSON.self)
    public var _jsonValue: JSONValue {
        switch self {
        case let .dictionary(json as AnyHashable),
            let .array(json as AnyHashable):
            return json
    public static func <b> (lhs: CustomJSON, rhs: CustomJSON) -> Bool {
        lhs._jsonValue </b> rhs._jsonValue
    public func hash(into hasher: inout Hasher) {


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