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Big L Notation

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Several learner levels:

  1. L(1) - One trick pony. Learn one skill and repeat it forever. Competencies don’t noticeably scale with years of experience.

  2. L(logN) - The Lossy Learner. Learning reactively as a result of randomly distributed events, rather than having a self directed learning goal. Learn and forget, then re-learn eventually.

  3. L(N) - The Infinite learner. The one who is constantly pushing boundaries and building a system, habits, etc. to support his efforts.

  4. L(PN) - The Networked Learner with a group of peers. This ability to learn from people either just behind you, slightly ahead of you, or where you are, is profoundly multiplicative.

  5. L(PN^2) - Learn in Public. The only way to do this is to have people learn from each other independently of you, AND still have you benefit from it. Utilisation of [[Network Effect]] and [[Metcalfe Law]]

  6. L(N^2) The Deep Learner. The one who can scale  faster the more years of experience they have in something.


Big L Notation