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Further Questions on "Brain is a Prediction Machine"

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Is it legit at all?

In reality, it's way more complicated than it is described in Brain is a Prediction Machine

I sometimes feel like I'm a pseudo-scientific internet bullshitter and it's all because I can't just go to Wikipedia or wherever and read about how it actually works. Because no one really knows.

As far as I understand, things are so bad that neuroscientists haven't even figured out if there is a single prediction model or several ones. Or which of the Temporal Difference Model describes the learning process best.

Doesn't the brain only make predictions about possible rewards and as a reinforcement learning agent adjusts its behavior? Is it ok to call it a prediction machine?

It's not clear. A lot of sources say that the brain predicts exactly rewards.

I believe that reward prediction is only a special case. Most likely it predicts everything including rewards. There are various examples when the brain makes predictions not directly related to rewards: [[Why the music kicks in]], [[Why we actually laugh]]

What makes the brain the best survivorship machine?

The predictions of the surroundings are the most important thing needed to survive. it helps to avoid predators, find food or partners, etc.

Does the brain focus on "survivorship" behaviors when making predictions?

It probably doesn't. It just likes to make predictions and feel high from the dopamine release. That's [[why brain develops addictions]]. It's flexible and its ability to learn makes it vulnerable to harmful behaviors.

Specific behaviors that are important for survivorship are additionally reinforced by other chemicals, like [[serotonin]] or [[oxytocin]].

What makes this hypothesis so good?

The idea is generalized so that can be applied to any living creature with a nervous system backed by dopamine rewards. The difference is only in brain size and complexity that results in the complexity of the model.

It even aligns with GPT models which makes it damn scary: [[Brain is a GPT predicting what would happen next]]