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Can We Trust Andrew Huberman?

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Andrew has attracted criticism for promoting poorly supported health claims.

So the question is: can we trust Andrew Huberman?

I think that this question is almost equivalent to asking, "Can we trust anyone on the internet?". The answer could be quite intimidating, especially in the upcoming deep fake and generative AI era.

No, you can't trust everything you read on the internet or elsewhere. The information is to be considered compromised by default and must be proven to be trustworthy.

Especially, when someone is promoting health supplements of the partnered companies.

If someone tells you that doing X is beneficial, it doesn't mean that it's beneficial. It only means that someone told you that doing X was beneficial, and he might have been wrong.

In my opinion, Andrew is doing a great job of popularizing science. He also manages to gracefully balance the trade-off between keeping things scientifically accurate and understandable for a broad audience.