It's even hard to call it a super tiny Digital Nomad experience. Just 10 days, but still...

100% of all my travels before, were a real vacation from my job.

I've always notified my colleagues in advance that I'm going to be unavailable during my trip. Though I've always taken my laptop with me for some emergent case,  I've used it to watch movies mainly.

It's very common to treat vacations sensitively. It's easy to get angry when you have to make a quick bugfix during planned seaside bathing.

Some people intentionally do not take laptops on vacation, switch off their cell phones and ignore #slack notifications.

This time I decided to carry out an experiment

My gf was going on a business trip to Milan in Italy and suddenly I decided to join her.

I didn't pause my job intentionally and wanted to let the things go as they were while I would be on my usual working schedule.


I expected it to be a failure. Neither work nor travel.

  • My work performance would be low.
  • I wouldn't have time to explore the city and have any rest.
  • I would get even more angry because of having to sit at home and work instead of doing tasty things in Italy.


  • Super cool.

I've quickly explored my new hood and found nice places to have a meal, walk, etc.

I always track my weekly work performance. While on trip, it was very close to my average numbers, even though we spent the whole Friday at the lakeside.

I was simply much more efficient. I've managed to organize myself to start and finish earlier and have time for a walk, rest and do some tourists' stuff in the evening.

That's exactly what I usually lack while on common working schedule.

It was hot summer, so working in a cool appartment instead of starving under hot sun was the best avalable option at the daytime.

The main difference of work and travel from usual vacation is that during vacation, any tiny piece of work feels like a curse. Any travel activity, surrounding work, feels like blessing.