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GPT is Freakingly Demotivating

When the ChatGPT came out, I generated a post for fun, giggled a little bit, and then realized that ChatGPT discouraged me from posting anything.

I've been reflecting on why this is the case and how I can deal with it.

Typically, when I write something for a blog, I try to focus on the final result, the output that I treat as a reward.

Writing, like any brain-related workout, may sometimes be challenging and require some effort. To make the process more enjoyable, I subjectively treat the effort as a reward as well.

It turns the friction from the process into a slow pace step-by-step climb onto the hill consisting of multiple tiny rewards on the way to the big goal on top. It allows me to have fun all the way up to the big reward in the end.

What ChatGPT is doing is discouraging from both perspectives.

First of all, It devalues the final output making it less rewarding. It removes the pleasure of creating something because anyone can easily make something similar with minimal effort.

ChatGPT also makes the effort itself pretty pointless. you have considerably fewer reasons to challenge yourself when you can generate a similar output in no time.

My case is just a simple example of blogging as a weekend hobby. The most terrifying is that there are a lot of other creators of all kinds.

I wonder.

How do they feel?