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What's New on Kazai Storyboard

There is a bunch of updates happening over here.
What's New on Kazai Storyboard
Photo by Shelby Miller / Unsplash

There is a bunch of updates happening over here.


Picking a blog theme is a pain in the ass.

What always happens is that you like the post layout from Theme A, posts cards from Theme B, the overall look from Theme C, and the structurization capabilities from Theme D.

After months (or years) of searching, you finally find a custom theme that fits, and then it turns out that it doesn't support some of the features of the blog engine.

Period. Next iteration.

Eventually, I found the theme I like with a fine balance of information and a minimalistic look.


As expected, it's far from perfect, so I've started to customize my ghost theme more heavily.

Finally, I'm in love with the new black & white minimalistic look. It keeps all things so lightweight and not over-cluttered with information while accents are made just precisely where needed.

Now it has a separate home page consisting of the following sections:

  • Topics
  • Featured
  • Latest

I like that format as it allows me to structure content better and make old, but worthy posts more accessible.

A separate "Blog" page with all the posts sorted chronologically with detailed cards looks exactly how I wanted the blog to look.

The latest ghost engine finally received search capabilities and it's just stunning.

It can be accessed with a "🔍 " button or Command + K.

Native Comments

Comments are finally native and integrated right into the blog with members' sign-up. No need in 3rd party comments integration that always looked terrible.

Unfortunately, there is no way to migrate old 3rd-party comments to native, so I had to drop them. However, the new look and UX are so much better that it worth it.

Finally, users have reasons to sign-up, lol.