What I hate most in freelance are hard choices I have to deal with.

The case

Imagine you've found an interesting, more or less challenging project and you are working on it for some time already. You've managed to get in sync with your client and the whole team and you've set up a comfortable workflow.

Here comes a new client with something that is more technically challenging and interesting with sufficient budgets, etc.

Another case

One of your former clients with whom you've had very good trustful relations suddenly calls you and asks for help with his new startup.

That is a thing that happens all the time and both cases above have happened to me during this month.

What would you do?

If you asked me 4 years ago I would say that I never miss opportunities and accept everything.

If you ask me today I would say that I drop all upcoming opportunities until I finish my current work. Just because it is a part of my long term freelance strategy I try to follow.

However, that is something that always gnaws at my own heart because I want to take all projects available. I love hard challenges. I'm greedy and I want to help everybody.

Miserable dopamine junkie.

Freelance. I hate you for that.