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Second Brain

Related: Productivity, Cognition

The second brain is a toolset intended to leverage cognition capacity.

The main idea is that the brain is proved to be better at solving certain types of problems, but it performs terribly at the others. The second brain is meant to reinforce the weaknesses of the first brain and boost its strengths.

Second Brain addresses the following objectives:

  • Tasks and time management to put efforts efficiently

  • Incoming information stream processing

  • Personal knowledge management system

  • Accumulation of ideas, discoveries, lessons learned, and actionable insights, and provide fuel for [[Background research]]

  • Reflection and analysis workflows to build up a closed feedback loop for personal growth

However, it's not limited to productivity apps and workflows. It's more of a part of a lifestyle.

The end goal of using the second brain is to maximize cognitive efficiency. Increase the overall output, become a better decision-maker by rising to a helicopter view of the information environment, and constantly evolve toward a cleaner vision of work.