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Common Redux Pitfalls on iOS: Deep Navigation Stack

Common Redux Pitfalls on iOS: Deep Navigation Stack

Redux is often suggested as a silver bullet for mobile app architecture. However, it also brings noticeable inconveniences that are worth mentioning. One of them kicks in when we start to deal with a deep navigation stack.
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I’ve Made a Redux Architecture Library for iOS and Called It Puredux

Not long ago, I started to roll out Puredux v1.0. Puredux is a UDF architecture framework in Swift for app state management with Redux ideas in mind. Store, Reducers, Actions dispatching, and unidirectional data flow.
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Should We Bring Redux to iOS?

Should We Bring Redux to iOS?

One of the things I've been puzzling over recently. Can we benefit much from bringing redux-like architectures to iOS? How? And how can we get most of it?
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22 min read

VIPER Architecture on iOS in Details

There are tons of VIPER-related publications in the internet. Anyway it turns out that every team cooks VIPER in its own way. So decided to run through my recipe that I'm using in my current iOS project.
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8 min read

Pros and Cons of VIPER Architecture on iOS

What I think about VIPER mobile app architecture after 1.5+ years of active usage
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