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I’ve Made a Redux Architecture Library for iOS and Called It Puredux

Not long ago, I started to roll out Puredux v1.0. Puredux is a UDF architecture framework in Swift for app state management with Redux ideas in mind. Store, Reducers, Actions dispatching, and unidirectional data flow.
3 min read

How to Make REST API on Swift Even Better. Vapor RestKit 2.0 is Out

A BIG update for Vapor RestKit - fast pace RestFul API framework for Vapor. Build CRUDs with Sort, Filter, and Cursor pagination cleaner than ever.
2 min read

How to Make REST API on Swift Even Better. I'm Working On Vapor RestKit 2.0

I've started to work on a big update for Vapor RestKit. I've been using it for a while and noticed several shortcomings that were not noticeable at the stage of the initial design, both related to its internals and API.
1 min read

Taking UICollectionView to SwiftUI

Why the heck do we still need UICollectionView in SwiftUI?
4 min read
Custom Segmented Control Picker with SwiftUI

Custom Segmented Control Picker with SwiftUI

Not long ago, I needed a segmented picker, and as it usually happens, native things didn't fit designs quite well, and I had to go custom. Here is what happened next😄
3 min read

My 100 Days of Code Challenge - What Can You Do in 100 Days?

Originally 100 Days of Code means a minimum of 1 hour of daily coding. Mostly It's popular among software engineering newcomers as it motivates them to learn systematically. In my case, 1 hour was not enough, so I picked a modified version: 100 Days of full-time coding.
2 min read

I've Made an App For a Client. Now Its Market Cap is $150 Million

In 2018 I worked on an iOS app. That was a social network around photo and video content, pretty much like Instagram. The only difference was that it was deeply integrated with cryptocurrency. There were features like wallet, transactions, exchange, crowdfunding, ADs, escrow, etc.
1 min read

I’ve Made a Library for Building a Declarative Layout in UIkit

Going back to UIKit after getting used to SwiftUI is painful. I've made SwiftyUIKit to solve this problem.
3 min read

How To: REST API in Swift with Vapor RestKit — CRUDs

Writing CRUD Rest APIs is something that gets me bored VERY fast. Here comes RestKit with a vaccine from CRUDs boredom
2 min read

How To: REST API in Swift with Vapor RestKit — ORM Extensions

One of the things I worked on some time ago was Vapor Rest Kit It started as a set of utils I implemented to speed up the development of my side project. Gradually my Vapor utils grew rather large and decided to move it to a separate package and publish.
2 min read