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Vision Pro Use Cases

VisionPro is a nice gadget but let's be honest.

VisionPro use cases would be a significantly more "plugged in" version of the exact same use cases that we have now with our phones:

  • Social media doom scrolling
  • Youtube
  • add your internet addiction/content consumption habit here

All the breakthroughs would be in the dimension where you cannot currently use your phone because your hands are busy, but with the same use cases.

If you are not interacting with 3D models now, there is a little chance that you start to do it in AR with Vision Pro.

The use case that I really like is Vision Pro as a $3500 replacement for your monitor, TV, and living projector. An absolute killer for video editing.

It might also be a nice tool for reading, especially for researchers who are processing loads of papers and having to navigate between them.

But there is a pitfall.

If you didn't manage to obtain neck or back pains thanks to your seated posture until now... Just add 650g of extra load to your neck and see what happens.

The same thing for the eyes strain.