How to Make REST API on Swift Even Better. Vapor RestKit 2.0 is Out

A BIG update for Vapor RestKit - fast pace RestFul API framework for Vapor. Build CRUDs with Sort, Filter, and Cursor pagination cleaner than ever.
2 min read

How to Make REST API on Swift Even Better. I'm Working On Vapor RestKit 2.0

I've started to work on a big update for Vapor RestKit. I've been using it for a while and noticed several shortcomings that were not noticeable at the stage of the initial design, both related to its internals and API.
1 min read

How To: REST API in Swift with Vapor RestKit — ORM Extensions

One of the things I worked on some time ago was Vapor Rest Kit It started as a set of utils I implemented to speed up the development of my side project. Gradually my Vapor utils grew rather large and decided to move it to a separate package and publish.
2 min read

How I Struggled With Usergrid, Cassandra, and Elasticsearch

Not a tutorial, but more like a set of comments and log of my adventures with that thing.
3 min read

Should Mobile Developers Learn Backend?

Lack of backend may be a strong barrier for mobile developers on their way to building a mobile app. Here is a list of mBaaS that may help.
4 min read