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Dopamine is not a reward for your achievements

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A few questions about dopamine that are often overlooked.

  • Who the hell fuels your brain with dopamine at the end of a marathon?
  • How does the dopamine system sort out your achievements at work, school, sport, or elsewhere?
  • Why does the brain treat achievements in video games the same way as in real life
  • Why does almost any sort of novelty feel so nice?
  • Why do we like a get fed up when listening to the song repeatedly?
  • Why do we like travel?
  • What makes the dopamine system so smart that it knows about all possible achievements that it can reward me for them?
  • How can earthworms have a similar dopamine reward system, but with a different achievements database?
  • How can it be that all these complicated questions are related to the same molecule?

I can only think of a single explanation. It's because dopamine is not a reward for your achievement.

My favourite hypothesis is that Brain is a Prediction Machine and dopamine is a reward for a good prediction. It not just very true to life but also explains a big number of things and biases: [[brain is a prediction machine – explains everything]]