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Optimizing Life For Happiness Doesn't Make Sense

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Optimizing Life For Happiness Doesn't Make Sense

My point of view on it is the following.

When you decide to optimize life for happiness, you are likely to end up researching the neurobiology and a certain number of Hormones & Neurotransmitters that affect happiness.

Eventually, you sort things out and learn a certain number of buttons that you can push to increase happiness.

Since you are optimizing for happiness you are likely to start pushing those buttons. It's very easy to push the buttons a bit more often than needed and even get addicted and start pushing the buttons again and again.

The brain has a lot of self-adjusting mechanisms built in.

If you are driving at a high level of happiness, it adopts and takes this amount as a new "zero".

The buttons' effect eventually depletes, and you find yourself in a situation where none of the buttons are working anymore.

By trying to optimize happiness you are actually carrying out a Wireheading experiment on yourself.

Also worth mentioning. There is an opinion that happiness optimization is faulty and it makes more sense to optimize for resourceful state: [[Resourceful State Optimization vs Happiness Optimization]]